Korvosa Reborn

Conquering Scarwall

The heroes were able to destroy the undead that held Scarwall hostage for all this time. With the chained spirit beaten, the undead’s hold upon the castle was finally released. This allowed access to the star tower in the back of the castle, a strange building connected to the castle, but alien in design. From the inside, it looked to be a device built specifically to safeguard against followers of an ancient evil. The temporary guardian of the tower informed the party that the sword they seek is below, and for a new watcher they would be allowed access. The party complied and they are now venturing to the depths below.

- The group chose Shadowcount Sal as the new watcher, against his will. Laori remains above ground waiting for the group to return.

Journey to the castle of Scarwall

After bonding with the Shoanti, they were allowed a rare ritual to see the next wing of their journey. Trinia once again gave them a reading, but also gave them a message in the form of a song. Serithtial, the key to defeating Kazavon was located in this castle. The sun shaman then gave them some more information. That Scarwall was Kazavon’s old fortress of terror that he would send out attacks and raids. He used to dominate the orcs and undead around and used them to destroy and pillage all who were nearby. The group would have to brave whatever remained there, and also the history of that damned castle in order to unlock Serithtial.

Becoming one with the Shoanti

After trekking through the wilds of the Cindlerlands, the group had finally earned the respect of the Sun Shaman, and he offered them a place as a Shoanti. The party then wished to learn their deepest history and that was only offered to members of the Sun Clan. Be it fate, or luck, he allowed the outsiders to actually become one with the tribe, for a very difficult test. Many may argue that it is not as difficult as being eaten by a legendary purple worm, but challenging none the less.

After two full days of holding up totems, the group had finally passed the test and was welcomed into the tribe. With that victory, the Sun Shaman set off on a journey of his own to answer the questions the party had asked, to a place only he goes with a small escort. In the night, the group celebrated with the Sun Clan, and it was an amazing party. Special drinks, food, and smoke was shared through the camp and even those who hated the outsiders had started to see them as brothers. Krojun however, may never fully accept any but Hargrin.

As eventful as that night was, one more event was to happen. An ambush from the skies! Clouds circled the camp and thunder stones rained from them, startling the animals. It is time to help their new tribe!

Into the wild Cinderlands!

After the Harrowed Realm, the group found the answers they needed to delve into the Cinderlands for the next piece of the puzzle, which is the story behind what is in that temple underneath the castle. With this, they may hopefully find a method to defeating the Fangs of Kazavon. They went to Thousand Bones for help, and he gave them what he could, which was not much. He directed the party to assist the aid of the Moon Clan, for they would allow them to enter the Sun Clan after a fierce trial. It is the shamans of the Sun Clan, that hold the keys to this information, and the group will need to earn their trust and respect to unlock it.

The group has since sought out the Moon Clan, and after visiting a temple of the ancient ones, found a way to be introduced. The man, simply known as “Truthspeaker” has agreed to accompany the party to witness their suicide at the hands of the flaming purple worm. On the morning of the task, before any could set out, the temple was attacked!

- Lumen accepted the challenge of Srenda against Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills of the Sun Clan, and immediately (Won/Lost) after a brutal casting of fear on him sending him out of the tent with headband still in tow. Many have since warned the party of his pride.

- The mark of Desna blessed the party after visiting the temple, granting a clearer image of the Cinderlands for safer travel.

Escape from the Harrowed Realm!

After uniting all of the parts of the King inside of the Harrowed Realm, the group was led to the final piece of the puzzle, the scarf that was held by an incarnation of Kazavon, an ancient evil blue dragon of Zon-Kuthon. Once he and his guardians were killed, the King’s spirit spoke to them with more clarity. He told them how each person helped in the killing, although some of the killers even he did not know their true purpose in the murder. He thanked the PCs and showed them a small glimpse of the battle against Kazavon in the old times, how 8 stood to fight, and then each split up with a piece of the monster in hand, the only clear one was a Shoanti Shaman by the name of Throgar of the Sklar-Klah. Leading the next part of the puzzle towards the Cinderlands to the north, towards the very men that are preparing to war against Korvosa if left unchecked. After returning home, Zellara did another reading, this time being uninterrupted, while Trinia watched from the sidelines. She helped answer a few questions as well, and being on the regular world once more, the party took much needed time to reap what they’ve collected from the strange Harrowed Realm.

- Since leaving Korvosa, it took about 5 weeks and 4 days before the party entered the Harrowed Realm. Inside, they spent about a full week exploring and exploiting the resources within.

- The group brought back many of the story kin back from the Harrowed Realm, a cyclops named Voricose, four azers, Brambleson, and Keriosa.

- Shortly afterwards, Brambleson left for adventure Northwest, and Keriosa left for a challenge, slicing down one of the azer in her rush to leave, going North as well.

- To the surprise of some, and acceptance of others, the scrying has continued almost like clockwork once they’ve returned. Many of the group has adopted a particular “pose” when they feel the presence of the scry.

Strange dream? Or vision?

After going to a traveling circus in Herse and having a less than stellar fortune told by the circus mystic, Zellara decided it was time to tell another one of her own. Her own harrow reading was interrupted, by an unexpected sight, Trinia. She believes it is time for the group to know the whole truth, and insisted that she shows them in a strange world. The stories and cards of the harrow deck is twisted together with the memories of the King’s murder. The people the party somehow are all related to the murder in some fashion, and as they find more of this harrow conspirators they hear more about the murder that took place many months ago, but seems to have been in the works far longer than that.

Rescued the Seneschal, and seeking answers.

The group managed to retrieve the Seneschal from the deepest part of the Vivified Labyrinth and after much discussion agreed to hide him from the others who would seek him out. After retreating to Blackbird Ranch near the outskirts of Herse, the party found out what the Seneschal had gone through during the initial King Slaying. After much research, he believes that an ancient evil somehow got hold over the queen, by choice or not she has gained considerable power.

The only way to fight such strength is to figure out what exactly the Shoanti had been guarding in that holy site all so long ago. The Seneschal believes it to be the fangs of Kazavon, an evil power from far east that was destroyed by some unknown power. What that was, he could not find out. They left that question up to the group while they traveled to Janderhoff to hide from prying eyes until they can safely return to Korvosa once again.

Even with the powers of an ancient evil at her call, politics move slowly and she still needs time to shape the city to her liking. The group took a much needed respite to spend their hard earned gold and prepare for the next part of their journey. Perhaps they will find a reprieve at the carnival that is at Herse.

- The group did not sell the Seneschal to either Gray or Arkona, and left the city unhindered by either one.

- The group took off five weeks for crafting and rest, and found that many of the people that were left in the city are now under the protection of Cressida Kroft, while the homes of each of the parties seemed to have been raided by unknown assailants.

- Beefclaw has made a new appearance at Herse instead of Korvosa, garnering a new reputation.

Seneschal alive, and who to trust with him?

Called to Old Korvosa by the bard Carter, the party was to meet him at Vencarlo’s home. After surviving an ambush by the Red Mantis it turned out they were looking for someone that Vencarlo might know. After pursuing their only lead, a depressed and slightly insane man, Salavtor Scream, an artist of high renown in Korvosa. He was originally captured by the Emperor of Old Korvosa, who then met his match against Victor Grey. Grey kept the artist as a prisoner also, knowing that something more was to be learned from him. That came when the group interrogated him. The Seneschal was indeed alive and with Scream’s judgement, handed over to Glorio Arkona. Grey told the group exactly were his loyalties are, and encouraged the heroes to do the same if they had any sense of survival, and left them with an offer of gold that they accepted.

- A strange cleric of Zul-Kuthon, Laori Vaus was met at Scream’s house. She was very interested in the artist due to his work bearing unmistakable influence to her faith. She was allowed to escort Salavtor Scream home by herself after the group rescued him.

- Originally controlled by Pilts Swastel, the Old Docks have very recently changed hands to the new Emperor, Victor Grey. How he managed to dethrone Swastel and gain the loyal of all of his followers in such a quick time is still a mystery.

- The exact deal from Victor Grey after eves dropping on the interrogation of Scream, was to bring the Seneschal directly to him at the old docks, and to no one else before hand. He offered 10,000 gold per person, and actually gave his word. How or if he even has that amount of money is also speculative.

- Scream told Vencarlo about where he “hid” the Seneschal, claiming it to be the safest option at the time. Vencarlo was enraged at this and stormed off, and has not been seen since.

Plague ended, but troubles are just beginning.

Searching deep underground of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, an evil cult of Urgothoa was discovered as the main cause of the plague. The main cleric was defeated and a cure discovered from the ashes. The town once again settled into a slow peace while it tried it’s best to patch up the wounds from the plague. Once everything returned to normal, the queen had a new announcement, that shook the very foundations of Korvosa. After naming a new seneschal and dissolving the Sable Company, she had an attempt against her life by the old Commandant Endrin. His aim was true, but was not enough to end her, as she seemed to be unfazed by the attack and gained magical strength, and ended his life personally. It was then, that most people knew that Korvosa would not be the same after this queen.

- Togomor, the Queen’s new adviser is now appointed the new seneschal. The arbiters have allowed this to pass.

- Due to Sable Company and Korvosan Guards being weak from the plague, they are now combined and under Field Marshal Krofts guidance.

- Also, the Grey Maiden’s are now the new protectors or Korvosa, with Sabina being the new general in charge.

- Old Korvosa is still under quarantine until further notice. Disease is still present there, but thanks to Gron and other contacts, the cure has found it’s way over.

More trouble brews from the plague.

The town being ravished by the plague, few can find time to investigate the things that are happening in between. While many just try to survive and help who they can, the heroes do their best to combat some of the more unusual sources of trouble in the city. The first being the wagon workers in old Korvosa dumping bodies instead of bringing them down to the Grey District. The second was a quest to find a missing brother, Ruan Mirukova. The nobles house that he was scheduled to play at was attacked while he was there, by a psychopath Jolistina Susperio, a pesh addict with an undying love for Rolth. It was by her testimony that put a couple of the Grey Maidens in league with Rolth. The next step is to see how far this corruption has spread throughout the Grey Maiden’s and the Queen’s Physicians.

- Jolistina never made it to trial, after attempting to assault the guards with cupcakes, she was put down in her cell for their “safety”.

- Both the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company have been weakening from the plague and helping the people in direct contact. The Order of the Nail even beginning to withdraw due to the dangers of the plague.

- Many areas of Korvosa are under quarantine, the biggest being Old Korvosa entirely being cut off from the rest of the city.


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