Korvosa Reborn

A troubling omen indeed! Dire times ahead.

The plague still in full effect, the heroes trying their best to stem the tide where they can. There were few who chose to take advantage of the blood veil for their benefit, while many others do what they can to survive. The group stopped two such people, a woman with a supposed cure, but filled only with empty promises, and a break off of the Rat’s Teat Boys who are an all wererat group working for the Cerulean Society. Afterwards, the group finally made their way to the supposed pirate ship, finding one death head coffer and a man dressed exactly as the Queen’s Physicians with a holy symbol of Urgathoa the goddess of plagues and pestilence. The plague’s cure still unknown, if any and panic in the city coming to a head, it falls upon the heroes to find out what is happening to the city.

- Rolth made contact with Lumen, gave her a mini-quest and some info about the initial “disease” that killed the King.

- Cressida, while happy with the results, could no longer allow the group to represent the guard. Allowing them to stay, but working as “unofficial consultants”.


Cidwin CaducityX

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