Korvosa Reborn

Becoming one with the Shoanti

After trekking through the wilds of the Cindlerlands, the group had finally earned the respect of the Sun Shaman, and he offered them a place as a Shoanti. The party then wished to learn their deepest history and that was only offered to members of the Sun Clan. Be it fate, or luck, he allowed the outsiders to actually become one with the tribe, for a very difficult test. Many may argue that it is not as difficult as being eaten by a legendary purple worm, but challenging none the less.

After two full days of holding up totems, the group had finally passed the test and was welcomed into the tribe. With that victory, the Sun Shaman set off on a journey of his own to answer the questions the party had asked, to a place only he goes with a small escort. In the night, the group celebrated with the Sun Clan, and it was an amazing party. Special drinks, food, and smoke was shared through the camp and even those who hated the outsiders had started to see them as brothers. Krojun however, may never fully accept any but Hargrin.

As eventful as that night was, one more event was to happen. An ambush from the skies! Clouds circled the camp and thunder stones rained from them, startling the animals. It is time to help their new tribe!


Cidwin CaducityX

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