Korvosa Reborn

Blood Veil strikes Korvosa, Queen takes action!

After reinstating the trade routes from Janderhoff, the group came back to a much different Korvosa. Disease has spread to many people, mostly the poor and the church of Abadar, but the area is swiftly growing. Rolth has made it known that he knows who trashed his lab and is not happy, he has not yet made a personal appearance. The queen has noticed the growing trouble in the populace and has formed two new groups, the Grey Maidens for protection, and the Queen’s Physicians, to find a cure. With the disease spreading, people are urged to stay indoors if possible and avoid extended contact with anyone, as even being in the area of the sick has the potential to spread.

- Blood Veil is known to spread through touch mainly, but is also airborne. Very deadly.

- Churches have banded together to help fight the plague, but even with wands being produced it is only slowing the growth, not stopping it. With such a horrendous disease, most people are not cured on the first application.

- Lumen has made it clear that she is interested in talking to Rolth.

- The Church of Abadar has confirmed that the disease is on many of the silver shields that have circulated through the church. They detect as infected, but not as magical.


Cidwin CaducityX

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