Korvosa Reborn

Escape from the Harrowed Realm!

After uniting all of the parts of the King inside of the Harrowed Realm, the group was led to the final piece of the puzzle, the scarf that was held by an incarnation of Kazavon, an ancient evil blue dragon of Zon-Kuthon. Once he and his guardians were killed, the King’s spirit spoke to them with more clarity. He told them how each person helped in the killing, although some of the killers even he did not know their true purpose in the murder. He thanked the PCs and showed them a small glimpse of the battle against Kazavon in the old times, how 8 stood to fight, and then each split up with a piece of the monster in hand, the only clear one was a Shoanti Shaman by the name of Throgar of the Sklar-Klah. Leading the next part of the puzzle towards the Cinderlands to the north, towards the very men that are preparing to war against Korvosa if left unchecked. After returning home, Zellara did another reading, this time being uninterrupted, while Trinia watched from the sidelines. She helped answer a few questions as well, and being on the regular world once more, the party took much needed time to reap what they’ve collected from the strange Harrowed Realm.

- Since leaving Korvosa, it took about 5 weeks and 4 days before the party entered the Harrowed Realm. Inside, they spent about a full week exploring and exploiting the resources within.

- The group brought back many of the story kin back from the Harrowed Realm, a cyclops named Voricose, four azers, Brambleson, and Keriosa.

- Shortly afterwards, Brambleson left for adventure Northwest, and Keriosa left for a challenge, slicing down one of the azer in her rush to leave, going North as well.

- To the surprise of some, and acceptance of others, the scrying has continued almost like clockwork once they’ve returned. Many of the group has adopted a particular “pose” when they feel the presence of the scry.


Cidwin CaducityX

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