Korvosa Reborn

Into the wild Cinderlands!

After the Harrowed Realm, the group found the answers they needed to delve into the Cinderlands for the next piece of the puzzle, which is the story behind what is in that temple underneath the castle. With this, they may hopefully find a method to defeating the Fangs of Kazavon. They went to Thousand Bones for help, and he gave them what he could, which was not much. He directed the party to assist the aid of the Moon Clan, for they would allow them to enter the Sun Clan after a fierce trial. It is the shamans of the Sun Clan, that hold the keys to this information, and the group will need to earn their trust and respect to unlock it.

The group has since sought out the Moon Clan, and after visiting a temple of the ancient ones, found a way to be introduced. The man, simply known as “Truthspeaker” has agreed to accompany the party to witness their suicide at the hands of the flaming purple worm. On the morning of the task, before any could set out, the temple was attacked!

- Lumen accepted the challenge of Srenda against Krojun Eats-What-He-Kills of the Sun Clan, and immediately (Won/Lost) after a brutal casting of fear on him sending him out of the tent with headband still in tow. Many have since warned the party of his pride.

- The mark of Desna blessed the party after visiting the temple, granting a clearer image of the Cinderlands for safer travel.


Cidwin CaducityX

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