Korvosa Reborn

King Killer found, Shoanti relations worsen.

After a short respite from helping the factions of Korvosa with their problems, the city once again blew up into another uprising when the killer of the King was found. A young lady, by the name of Trinia Sabor was identified as the murderer and the whole city set out to find her. The group managed to find her first after some troublesome attempts to secure the information, but after a short chase they caught their prey and found evidence that she indeed met with the King many times a few months ago. Shortly after that, Thousand Bones, a powerful diplomat and shaman for the Shoanti revealed that during that riot, his son was murdered as well and sold to a vile man by the name of Rolth for his necromantic rituals. The party descended into his lair in the potters ward…


Cidwin CaducityX

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