Korvosa Reborn

Lamm is dead, and also the King died too, but Lamm is dead!

20th of Calistril – The group each received an invitation to Zellara’s house, where she told them where she last encountered Lamm, and gave the group a harrow reading, which noted in particular Solana and Gron that in the future a path out of the turmoil would be found “in places outside your world, and that the words of the music would lead them to a new harmony.”

- Later that night, the group confronted Lamm, and ended his terrible reign and found out that Zellara has been dead for near a week. The King was reported dead shortly after the fight.

21st of Calistril – Full blown riots encompass most of the city, and guards, sable company, and even hellknights stretched thin from the resulting choas.

- Helped Phaeton Skota (Owner of Hedge Wizardry) with a small problem of goblins stealing his bombs. - Met the Queen Ileosa and Sabina, her bodyguard and returned her trinket. She suggested the group meet with Cressida Kroft, field marshal and commander of the Korvosan Guards to help the city more.


Cidwin CaducityX

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