Korvosa Reborn

More trouble brews from the plague.

The town being ravished by the plague, few can find time to investigate the things that are happening in between. While many just try to survive and help who they can, the heroes do their best to combat some of the more unusual sources of trouble in the city. The first being the wagon workers in old Korvosa dumping bodies instead of bringing them down to the Grey District. The second was a quest to find a missing brother, Ruan Mirukova. The nobles house that he was scheduled to play at was attacked while he was there, by a psychopath Jolistina Susperio, a pesh addict with an undying love for Rolth. It was by her testimony that put a couple of the Grey Maidens in league with Rolth. The next step is to see how far this corruption has spread throughout the Grey Maiden’s and the Queen’s Physicians.

- Jolistina never made it to trial, after attempting to assault the guards with cupcakes, she was put down in her cell for their “safety”.

- Both the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company have been weakening from the plague and helping the people in direct contact. The Order of the Nail even beginning to withdraw due to the dangers of the plague.

- Many areas of Korvosa are under quarantine, the biggest being Old Korvosa entirely being cut off from the rest of the city.


Cidwin CaducityX

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