Korvosa Reborn

Out with the old, in with the new.

The group managed to remove Devargo from power at the Eel’s End and instated their new ally, Majenko the pseudodragon that was trapped by him. Afterwards they found out how he was able to control the spiders and with some lucky planning, was able to keep up the facade with Chittersnap. Afterwards, they broke up the Ironsoots and grabbed their leader, a man known by none but used a strange type of weapon to attack.

- Majenko placed in charge of Eel’s End, under the charge of Victor Grey (But in service to Lumen the Void)

- Krippnos was allowed to handle the vials of shiver that the party found in the lower reaches of the ship.

- Jason Falsworn, the blacksmith that Lumen had protected from the guards, now in service to the Spider King.

- Eel’s End has a “guards drink free” policy which has met with some resistance from both sides, guards being scorned for going by the superiors, and the shadier clientele not wanting to be near the guards. It will take some time for business to settle.


Cidwin CaducityX

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