Korvosa Reborn

Plague ended, but troubles are just beginning.

Searching deep underground of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, an evil cult of Urgothoa was discovered as the main cause of the plague. The main cleric was defeated and a cure discovered from the ashes. The town once again settled into a slow peace while it tried it’s best to patch up the wounds from the plague. Once everything returned to normal, the queen had a new announcement, that shook the very foundations of Korvosa. After naming a new seneschal and dissolving the Sable Company, she had an attempt against her life by the old Commandant Endrin. His aim was true, but was not enough to end her, as she seemed to be unfazed by the attack and gained magical strength, and ended his life personally. It was then, that most people knew that Korvosa would not be the same after this queen.

- Togomor, the Queen’s new adviser is now appointed the new seneschal. The arbiters have allowed this to pass.

- Due to Sable Company and Korvosan Guards being weak from the plague, they are now combined and under Field Marshal Krofts guidance.

- Also, the Grey Maiden’s are now the new protectors or Korvosa, with Sabina being the new general in charge.

- Old Korvosa is still under quarantine until further notice. Disease is still present there, but thanks to Gron and other contacts, the cure has found it’s way over.


Cidwin CaducityX

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