Korvosa Reborn

Rescued the Seneschal, and seeking answers.

The group managed to retrieve the Seneschal from the deepest part of the Vivified Labyrinth and after much discussion agreed to hide him from the others who would seek him out. After retreating to Blackbird Ranch near the outskirts of Herse, the party found out what the Seneschal had gone through during the initial King Slaying. After much research, he believes that an ancient evil somehow got hold over the queen, by choice or not she has gained considerable power.

The only way to fight such strength is to figure out what exactly the Shoanti had been guarding in that holy site all so long ago. The Seneschal believes it to be the fangs of Kazavon, an evil power from far east that was destroyed by some unknown power. What that was, he could not find out. They left that question up to the group while they traveled to Janderhoff to hide from prying eyes until they can safely return to Korvosa once again.

Even with the powers of an ancient evil at her call, politics move slowly and she still needs time to shape the city to her liking. The group took a much needed respite to spend their hard earned gold and prepare for the next part of their journey. Perhaps they will find a reprieve at the carnival that is at Herse.

- The group did not sell the Seneschal to either Gray or Arkona, and left the city unhindered by either one.

- The group took off five weeks for crafting and rest, and found that many of the people that were left in the city are now under the protection of Cressida Kroft, while the homes of each of the parties seemed to have been raided by unknown assailants.

- Beefclaw has made a new appearance at Herse instead of Korvosa, garnering a new reputation.


Cidwin CaducityX

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