Korvosa Reborn

Rolth still at large, the true King Killer discovered.

Exploring the underground lair of Rolth turned up only a derro apprentice, under his training. Killed in battle, the necromantic apprentice Vreeg will bother no one else, however an idea of Rolth’s true power was revealed as he is an accomplished master of golems and diseases. He still remains at large, but for now the slain son of the shoanti chieftain Thousand Bones was reunited and given whole to the gods.

Trinia’s trial was extremely swift indeed, and the reasons why appeared immediately as she was a pawn to set up Blackjack, a hero who was only seen many, many years ago. He was condemned as the true King Killer, and narrowly made his escape from the ambush with the help of fate.

During the execution, a man by the name of Syl Gar asked the group to help reestablish the trade routes from the dwarves of Janderhoff, which was halted when the initial riots took place.

- A new member has joined the group, while the previous member was decommissioned from the guards, Victor has been yet to be seen since the search of Rolth’s Laboratory.

- Gron has followed his scent of Blackjack’s blood and found it leading to the doors of Vencarlo’s training academy. It’s scent matching Vencarlo’s own.

- Vencarlo has since gone on “hiatus”, and whereabouts are unknown. The queen has silently called for his capture, for questioning.

- Blackjack being tied as the true King Killer, has a 5000 gold bounty on his head. The people of the city are mixed, as Blackjack has not been seen in some time and on all previous occasions has been a helper of the people from the shadows. The guards will get no help from tracking him from the populous and even they are half-hearted in their search.

- The Order of the Nail has been called to provide a greater presence in the city, and are methodically searching for Blackjack.


Cidwin CaducityX

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