Korvosa Reborn

Seneschal alive, and who to trust with him?

Called to Old Korvosa by the bard Carter, the party was to meet him at Vencarlo’s home. After surviving an ambush by the Red Mantis it turned out they were looking for someone that Vencarlo might know. After pursuing their only lead, a depressed and slightly insane man, Salavtor Scream, an artist of high renown in Korvosa. He was originally captured by the Emperor of Old Korvosa, who then met his match against Victor Grey. Grey kept the artist as a prisoner also, knowing that something more was to be learned from him. That came when the group interrogated him. The Seneschal was indeed alive and with Scream’s judgement, handed over to Glorio Arkona. Grey told the group exactly were his loyalties are, and encouraged the heroes to do the same if they had any sense of survival, and left them with an offer of gold that they accepted.

- A strange cleric of Zul-Kuthon, Laori Vaus was met at Scream’s house. She was very interested in the artist due to his work bearing unmistakable influence to her faith. She was allowed to escort Salavtor Scream home by herself after the group rescued him.

- Originally controlled by Pilts Swastel, the Old Docks have very recently changed hands to the new Emperor, Victor Grey. How he managed to dethrone Swastel and gain the loyal of all of his followers in such a quick time is still a mystery.

- The exact deal from Victor Grey after eves dropping on the interrogation of Scream, was to bring the Seneschal directly to him at the old docks, and to no one else before hand. He offered 10,000 gold per person, and actually gave his word. How or if he even has that amount of money is also speculative.

- Scream told Vencarlo about where he “hid” the Seneschal, claiming it to be the safest option at the time. Vencarlo was enraged at this and stormed off, and has not been seen since.


Cidwin CaducityX

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