"The people of this city deserve real justice!"


Less of a man, and more of a symbol for the common man, Blackjack has been around for over 300 years. Many rumors circulate on how this is possible, the two strongest being that he is an elf, and the other is that it is a mantle being passed down from person to person. No matter which it is, Blackjack shows up when there is trouble in Korvosa and helps deliver justice to those out of reach from the law. Having disappeared for over ten years, his most recent appearance brings dark tidings as he has never opposed the monarchy before and even more troubling, was expected to show at the execution as it was all a trap to capture him.

*Managed to escape the trap at the execution.

*Strongly believed to be Vencarlo Orisini, but with his gear missing it is unknown who the next Blackjack will be.



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