Crulamen Carter

"Milady, a quick tune to cheer you up?"


A man who seems to be a simple minstrel at first glance, has much more going on beneath the surface. Known to play music for the guards near the citadel, he returns home at the docks in Old Korvosa. Well liked by those who have heard of him, he has played in many events and by many names, he would be more famous if he just stuck to one alias. Perhaps he is waiting for the right one?

- Known as the lead musician in the band “Savior” which has gained popularity with the guards, his music inspiring courage to all the guards who hear it.

- Also known to play music for some of the shows in Exemplary Execrables, under the name of “The Emotionist”

- Has performed in some of the nobles estate with a different band known as “Ambivalence”


Crulamen Carter

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