Glorio Arkona

"I only seek to help those unfortunate."


A very wealthy and powerful noble in the city of Korvosa, he practically controls Old Korvosa single handed. With his lover, Melyia Arkona, they do their best to help the poor when they can, while still being able to afford their luxurious lifestyle. They have interesting tastes when it comes to decor, pets, food, just about anything since their first trip aboard. It is no doubt in part that the culture they found overseas and goods were the main reason they jumped in power as they amassed a small fortune off of it. They make trips once or twice a year in to restock their wares.

- On a darker side of Korvosa, it is rumored that they have their hands deep within the Cerulean Society. Many people believe this to be fact, but with the guild itself not causing enough trouble to the city as a whole the guards don’t follow up on this lead or the guild in general.


Glorio Arkona

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