Korvosa Reborn

Lamm is dead, and also the King died too, but Lamm is dead!

20th of Calistril – The group each received an invitation to Zellara’s house, where she told them where she last encountered Lamm, and gave the group a harrow reading, which noted in particular Solana and Gron that in the future a path out of the turmoil would be found “in places outside your world, and that the words of the music would lead them to a new harmony.”

- Later that night, the group confronted Lamm, and ended his terrible reign and found out that Zellara has been dead for near a week. The King was reported dead shortly after the fight.

21st of Calistril – Full blown riots encompass most of the city, and guards, sable company, and even hellknights stretched thin from the resulting choas.

- Helped Phaeton Skota (Owner of Hedge Wizardry) with a small problem of goblins stealing his bombs. - Met the Queen Ileosa and Sabina, her bodyguard and returned her trinket. She suggested the group meet with Cressida Kroft, field marshal and commander of the Korvosan Guards to help the city more.
Cleaning up the city, and playing match maker.

After helping Phaeton with his goblin problem, the party decided to return the brooch to the queen. Once they met her and her female bodyguard, they realized exactly why she was married to the King. She thanked the group and asked for their assistance in dealing with the riots. Meeting Cressida Kroft, she recruited the group to help with certain tasks that she did not feel fit the guards, with pay of course.

- First was the traitors that held up at all the worlds meat, under authority from a lady Vimanda, a known associate of the Arkonas. He was taken alive back to the citadel for questioning.

- Meeting Grau, another guard that was disheartened from the riots, he was taken back to the guards and also shaped back up for duty.

- Meeting Vencarlo, the renown duelist, a friend of Cressida and a known voice against the monarchy practices. He gave the group some lessons on fighting.

- Lead to the Eel’s End, they “talked” to Devargo and came to an agreement where he retired from his position.

Out with the old, in with the new.

The group managed to remove Devargo from power at the Eel’s End and instated their new ally, Majenko the pseudodragon that was trapped by him. Afterwards they found out how he was able to control the spiders and with some lucky planning, was able to keep up the facade with Chittersnap. Afterwards, they broke up the Ironsoots and grabbed their leader, a man known by none but used a strange type of weapon to attack.

- Majenko placed in charge of Eel’s End, under the charge of Victor Grey (But in service to Lumen the Void)

- Krippnos was allowed to handle the vials of shiver that the party found in the lower reaches of the ship.

- Jason Falsworn, the blacksmith that Lumen had protected from the guards, now in service to the Spider King.

- Eel’s End has a “guards drink free” policy which has met with some resistance from both sides, guards being scorned for going by the superiors, and the shadier clientele not wanting to be near the guards. It will take some time for business to settle.

King Killer found, Shoanti relations worsen.

After a short respite from helping the factions of Korvosa with their problems, the city once again blew up into another uprising when the killer of the King was found. A young lady, by the name of Trinia Sabor was identified as the murderer and the whole city set out to find her. The group managed to find her first after some troublesome attempts to secure the information, but after a short chase they caught their prey and found evidence that she indeed met with the King many times a few months ago. Shortly after that, Thousand Bones, a powerful diplomat and shaman for the Shoanti revealed that during that riot, his son was murdered as well and sold to a vile man by the name of Rolth for his necromantic rituals. The party descended into his lair in the potters ward…

Rolth still at large, the true King Killer discovered.

Exploring the underground lair of Rolth turned up only a derro apprentice, under his training. Killed in battle, the necromantic apprentice Vreeg will bother no one else, however an idea of Rolth’s true power was revealed as he is an accomplished master of golems and diseases. He still remains at large, but for now the slain son of the shoanti chieftain Thousand Bones was reunited and given whole to the gods.

Trinia’s trial was extremely swift indeed, and the reasons why appeared immediately as she was a pawn to set up Blackjack, a hero who was only seen many, many years ago. He was condemned as the true King Killer, and narrowly made his escape from the ambush with the help of fate.

During the execution, a man by the name of Syl Gar asked the group to help reestablish the trade routes from the dwarves of Janderhoff, which was halted when the initial riots took place.

- A new member has joined the group, while the previous member was decommissioned from the guards, Victor has been yet to be seen since the search of Rolth’s Laboratory.

- Gron has followed his scent of Blackjack’s blood and found it leading to the doors of Vencarlo’s training academy. It’s scent matching Vencarlo’s own.

- Vencarlo has since gone on “hiatus”, and whereabouts are unknown. The queen has silently called for his capture, for questioning.

- Blackjack being tied as the true King Killer, has a 5000 gold bounty on his head. The people of the city are mixed, as Blackjack has not been seen in some time and on all previous occasions has been a helper of the people from the shadows. The guards will get no help from tracking him from the populous and even they are half-hearted in their search.

- The Order of the Nail has been called to provide a greater presence in the city, and are methodically searching for Blackjack.

Blood Veil strikes Korvosa, Queen takes action!

After reinstating the trade routes from Janderhoff, the group came back to a much different Korvosa. Disease has spread to many people, mostly the poor and the church of Abadar, but the area is swiftly growing. Rolth has made it known that he knows who trashed his lab and is not happy, he has not yet made a personal appearance. The queen has noticed the growing trouble in the populace and has formed two new groups, the Grey Maidens for protection, and the Queen’s Physicians, to find a cure. With the disease spreading, people are urged to stay indoors if possible and avoid extended contact with anyone, as even being in the area of the sick has the potential to spread.

- Blood Veil is known to spread through touch mainly, but is also airborne. Very deadly.

- Churches have banded together to help fight the plague, but even with wands being produced it is only slowing the growth, not stopping it. With such a horrendous disease, most people are not cured on the first application.

- Lumen has made it clear that she is interested in talking to Rolth.

- The Church of Abadar has confirmed that the disease is on many of the silver shields that have circulated through the church. They detect as infected, but not as magical.

A troubling omen indeed! Dire times ahead.

The plague still in full effect, the heroes trying their best to stem the tide where they can. There were few who chose to take advantage of the blood veil for their benefit, while many others do what they can to survive. The group stopped two such people, a woman with a supposed cure, but filled only with empty promises, and a break off of the Rat’s Teat Boys who are an all wererat group working for the Cerulean Society. Afterwards, the group finally made their way to the supposed pirate ship, finding one death head coffer and a man dressed exactly as the Queen’s Physicians with a holy symbol of Urgathoa the goddess of plagues and pestilence. The plague’s cure still unknown, if any and panic in the city coming to a head, it falls upon the heroes to find out what is happening to the city.

- Rolth made contact with Lumen, gave her a mini-quest and some info about the initial “disease” that killed the King.

- Cressida, while happy with the results, could no longer allow the group to represent the guard. Allowing them to stay, but working as “unofficial consultants”.

More trouble brews from the plague.

The town being ravished by the plague, few can find time to investigate the things that are happening in between. While many just try to survive and help who they can, the heroes do their best to combat some of the more unusual sources of trouble in the city. The first being the wagon workers in old Korvosa dumping bodies instead of bringing them down to the Grey District. The second was a quest to find a missing brother, Ruan Mirukova. The nobles house that he was scheduled to play at was attacked while he was there, by a psychopath Jolistina Susperio, a pesh addict with an undying love for Rolth. It was by her testimony that put a couple of the Grey Maidens in league with Rolth. The next step is to see how far this corruption has spread throughout the Grey Maiden’s and the Queen’s Physicians.

- Jolistina never made it to trial, after attempting to assault the guards with cupcakes, she was put down in her cell for their “safety”.

- Both the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company have been weakening from the plague and helping the people in direct contact. The Order of the Nail even beginning to withdraw due to the dangers of the plague.

- Many areas of Korvosa are under quarantine, the biggest being Old Korvosa entirely being cut off from the rest of the city.

Plague ended, but troubles are just beginning.

Searching deep underground of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, an evil cult of Urgothoa was discovered as the main cause of the plague. The main cleric was defeated and a cure discovered from the ashes. The town once again settled into a slow peace while it tried it’s best to patch up the wounds from the plague. Once everything returned to normal, the queen had a new announcement, that shook the very foundations of Korvosa. After naming a new seneschal and dissolving the Sable Company, she had an attempt against her life by the old Commandant Endrin. His aim was true, but was not enough to end her, as she seemed to be unfazed by the attack and gained magical strength, and ended his life personally. It was then, that most people knew that Korvosa would not be the same after this queen.

- Togomor, the Queen’s new adviser is now appointed the new seneschal. The arbiters have allowed this to pass.

- Due to Sable Company and Korvosan Guards being weak from the plague, they are now combined and under Field Marshal Krofts guidance.

- Also, the Grey Maiden’s are now the new protectors or Korvosa, with Sabina being the new general in charge.

- Old Korvosa is still under quarantine until further notice. Disease is still present there, but thanks to Gron and other contacts, the cure has found it’s way over.

Seneschal alive, and who to trust with him?

Called to Old Korvosa by the bard Carter, the party was to meet him at Vencarlo’s home. After surviving an ambush by the Red Mantis it turned out they were looking for someone that Vencarlo might know. After pursuing their only lead, a depressed and slightly insane man, Salavtor Scream, an artist of high renown in Korvosa. He was originally captured by the Emperor of Old Korvosa, who then met his match against Victor Grey. Grey kept the artist as a prisoner also, knowing that something more was to be learned from him. That came when the group interrogated him. The Seneschal was indeed alive and with Scream’s judgement, handed over to Glorio Arkona. Grey told the group exactly were his loyalties are, and encouraged the heroes to do the same if they had any sense of survival, and left them with an offer of gold that they accepted.

- A strange cleric of Zul-Kuthon, Laori Vaus was met at Scream’s house. She was very interested in the artist due to his work bearing unmistakable influence to her faith. She was allowed to escort Salavtor Scream home by herself after the group rescued him.

- Originally controlled by Pilts Swastel, the Old Docks have very recently changed hands to the new Emperor, Victor Grey. How he managed to dethrone Swastel and gain the loyal of all of his followers in such a quick time is still a mystery.

- The exact deal from Victor Grey after eves dropping on the interrogation of Scream, was to bring the Seneschal directly to him at the old docks, and to no one else before hand. He offered 10,000 gold per person, and actually gave his word. How or if he even has that amount of money is also speculative.

- Scream told Vencarlo about where he “hid” the Seneschal, claiming it to be the safest option at the time. Vencarlo was enraged at this and stormed off, and has not been seen since.


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