Solana had never been to the Eel’s Inn, but had been to plenty of places like it over the years… Well, except for the “five floating boats” part. While working for Lamm, these kinds of establishments were a good place to find drunks to roll, as long as you could keep out of sight of the guards. After beginning her ninja training, she learned that attempting to slip undetected through a gambling den was a good way to learn to stay hidden. Except when the bouncers noticed you, and your lesson in stealth suddenly turned into a lesson in running-like-hell.

It felt weird to be so out in the open, and to not be constantly moving away from the guards or avoiding their gaze. She hoped that the painted-on scar was convincing enough that anyone who saw her would remember that, and nothing else. For someone who was supposed to move in the shadows, a reputation was something to work on developing and cultivating. There were ninjas and assassins and nightstalkers whose mere names were enough to make people pause, or lay low, or drop everything and flee the city. A reputation was something that could be quite useful.

But recognition? Well, that was another matter.

Still, she did her best to mingle and drift, to draw just enough attention to get lost in the rest of the masses. After wasting some time and gold with the prostitute, she got a drink and threw some more money away at the gambling tables. The prospect of knivesies was intriguing, but the prospect of a straight-up fight (with only one weapon, no less!) wasn’t.

Eventually, the others began to drift towards the structure on the main ship, where the Spider King held his court, and slipped in through the doors. Solana followed, and was stopped at the door by the two guards. Somehow the others had managed to sweet-talk, bribe, or dumb-luck stumble into getting an audience with the crime lord. If they were going to keep him occupied, then maybe she could use the distraction to her advantage.

The place was still crawling with guards, and the two outside gave her a sour look._ Maybe if I could sneak off the wide, get in through one of the windows. These ships float, but they’re not going anywhere, so there might be a door or a hatch in the side somewhere. If they’re in there talking to the King, maybe I could sneak into his quarters and see if there’s any…_

Her train of thought was interrupted by the brassy sound of a magic spell that, against all odds, sounded like a rainbow smacking someone upside the head. The grubby windows, caked with grim and dirt, briefly flashed a brilliant splash of colors, outlining the silhouettes of a half-dozen people caught in the blast of a color spray before collapsing to the deck in a loud heap.

Or we could just attack him. She quickly snapped her ki energies around her, vanishing from sight and drawing her weapons. As the two confused guards stood, uncertain whether or not to go inside, she roughly shoved between them, through the door, and into the fray.


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