Lumen's Item Shop

Searching through books and crafting items is a poor use of session time, and we’re going to start having more cash than time as we level, so you guys are going to have to prioritize what items you want to craft. It will quickly become impossible to craft everything without taking multiple months of downtime per level off.

Use this page to develop your “Wish list” for item creation, and we’ll get a rotation going. Feel free to put whatever you want on this list, but note that the bigger the item, the less likely I’ll actually fit it in without some serious downtime available (which will happen, just not often.)

I can craft 8000gp of BASE COST per day of off time, and 1000gp of BASE COST per adventuring day. Available Item Creation Feats: Scribe Scroll, Craft Wonderous Item, Craft Arms & Armor, Craft Rod.

Lumen’s Wish List Base Cost Days to Craft
Lesser Quicken Metamagic Rod 35,000gp 4 Days
Medium +2 Metamagic Rods 32,500gp 4 Days
Upgrade Robe to +5 Resist / +5 CL 30,000gp 4 Days
Orange Prism Ioun Stone 30,000gp 4 Days
Periapt of Proof against Poison 27,000gp 4 Days
Prayer Beads of Karma 20,000gp 3 Days
Lesser +3 Metamagic Rods 14,000gp 2 Days
Upgrade to +4 Con Belt 12,000gp 2 Days
Medium +1 Metamagic Rods 11,000gp 2 Days
Glove of Storing 10,000gp 2 Days
Lesser +2 Metamagic Rods 9,000gp 2 Days
Lesser +1 Metamagic Rods 3,000gp 1 Day
Solana’s Wish List Base Cost Days to Craft
Upgrade Neck with Necklace of Ki Serenity 24,000gp 3 Days
Upgrade Head with Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier 7,500gp 1 Day
Gron’s Wish List Base Cost Days to Craft
Upgrade Amulet to +4 28,000gp 4 Days
Upgrade Belt to +6 11,000gp 2 Days
Upgrade Headband to Wis +4 12,000gp 2 Days
Dark Blue Rhoboid Ioun Stone 10,000gp 2 Days
Upgrade Belt to +2 Con 4,500gp 1 Day
Upgrade Headband to +2 Int (Sense Motive) 6,000gp 1 Day
Borlun’s Wish List Base Cost Days To Craft
Upgrade Belt to +4 Money Time
Upgrade Armor to +5 Money Time
Upgrade Shield to +3 Monkey Time

Lumen's Item Shop

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