Grey Maidens

My Dearest Ileosa,
I cannot express my gratitude in all that you are doing for me. After all my letters on all the good work I am doing around Korvosa, you have gone and started your own personal guards to help me clean up the city.

While they look impressive in their suits of full plate, you might have hired a few that were a bit lighter on their feet. Black jack doesn’t strike me as the type to wait for them to catch up.

Again we have been busy and helped quail the fears some of the populace had over the disease and we even cured one little girl. We have touched base with the major churches in town in hopes to enlist their aid.

For now you should stay indoors and if you see even the faintest hints of the disease please call for me and I will rush to your side.

Your Beloved,
Gron Saberfang
Warden of West Dock
Champion of Korvosa
Defeater of Blackjack
Healer of the Sick

(Dictated but not read.)

Grey Maidens

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