Hargrin Session 2 - Beginning of the (Eel's) End

Hammond sighed as he received the news of a disturbance in the Twin Tigers. An armed dwarf was reportedly accosting the patrons and “employees” in his misguided quest for a game of Knivsies. Even the thought of the game made the long scar running down his’s cheek itch. His initiation had not been kind. Then again, no one’s was.

Upon entering the ship serving as the gambling hall for the Eel’s End, Hammond was struck by a sense of urgency, panic and joy that always seemed to permeate the stale air of the middeck. It didn’t take him long to find the source of the complaints; the dwarf in question was fully armed and armored. He was currently speaking to a very uncomfortable waitress about the best way to get an audience to see the King of Spiders.

Hammond approached the dwarf carefully, not exuding his air of implied violence. He was still ready to take the dwarf down, but he somehow knew that his typical intimidation tactic would not be effective in this situation. “Sir, can I help you with something?”

The dwarf looked Hammond up and down, nodding to himself. “Aye. I’m looking to get in to see the King of Spider’s. I, uh, want to play a game of Knivsies.” He smiled at Hammond, but it was clear that he was nervous about something.

Hammond, to his credit, kept a straight face at the request to play Knivsies. “I’m afraid that’s not going to be possible. You only get to see the King if he is expecting you, you join the guards, or you make such a mess that he wants to kill you himself.”

The dwarf looked Hammond up and down again, seeming to weigh his options. The guard had 2 feet on the dwarf, but they probably weighed about the same. Hammond prepared for a fight. After a few moments of thought, the dwarf made up his mind. “Alright. Fair enough. I’ll join the guard.”

Hammond let out a breath of relief. “Look, we’re full up today. Try again tomorrow. In the mean time, I need you to stop bothering our patrons and spend some money.”

The dwarf looked a little disappointed. “Fine, fine.” He threw 20 gold down on the table and walked away before the results of the bet were even announced. Something was off here. Hammond turned to find Frank and have the dwarf followed.

Where the hell was Jerry?

Hargrin Session 2 - Beginning of the (Eel's) End

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