Hargrin Session 4 - Ripples

I was a busy night at the Bailer’s Retreat and Marcus Valkir was enjoying the ebb and flow of the chaos. And why shouldn’t I, he mused to himself. _ Business is up ever since the riots died down, guards have been slowing coming back in and I’ve got a few new fresh faces in here to help draw the crowd._ He looked over to his newest hire, a yojng half-elf named Talia. She was pretty, quick witted, and had a shockingly raunchy sense of humor that his regulars ate up.

He was as surprised as anyone when h marched into the bar three days ago and asked for a job. The Retreat wasn’t exactly the Posh and Turtle. It was a comfortable establishment where you could come from a hard day on the docks and drink away some of the wear. He told her as much, but she insisted that she would be a good fit. Fortunately, he still had the money Hargrin had given him on Elayne’s behalf. Besides, after sending some time with her, he decided that Elayne would have liked her. And that’s what the money was for.

She rented a room from Marcus, but, honestly, he was undercharging her. She was a hard worker and he enjoyed her company in the afternoons as they set up for the nightly rush.

Plus, word had spread.

His business in the last few days had doubled. word had gotten around that there was a pretty, new waitress at the Retreat and more than a few came just to have a look for themselves. even some of the guards he’d lost to the Eel’s End came back for another drink.

Things seemed to be looking up. His bar was getting it’s life back. More and more he thought of his friend Hargrin. He had barely seen his friend n the past few days, but he knoew that his work with the guard was keeping him busy. He missed his friend, but was happy that he had found new meaning to his life.

Come to think of it, with the exception of the riots, Marcus’s life had been on an upturn ever since Lamm had died. I wonder if that’s a coincidence?

Hargrin Session 4 - Ripples

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