Lumen's Theories - Session 14 - Ponderings

Scribed neatly into the margins of Lumen’s spellbook

My notes have been lacking as of late. Clearly I am spending too much time conversing in the “real” world with the Orb and my other associates. Oddly enough however, I seem to be enjoying it. I am beginning to understand why my peers at the Acadamae spent time outside their studies beyond the required bodily functions such as eating and pollination. Although my primary goal of proving my guilt may have changed, I must still take the time to journal specific queries and ponder their mysteries.

Question #1: What is Simlumenjenko’s ploy?

The past few weeks have been spent attempting to divine the answer to this question. I have already determined that the magic beans fed to Majenko have changed him into a simulacrum of myself. To the best of my knowledge, Simlumenjenko appears to be attempting to gather my attention. It’s complete destruction of the house and the majority of my worldly possessions is likely a subtle attempt to tell me something. Unfortunately, the message is too subtle and my magic has thus far been unable to determine the meaning.

Side Note: Klaptron believes that it intends to kill me. Also that it’s not Majenko. Or a simulacrum of me. Fool.

Question #2: What is my relationship to my associates?

The Symbol of Insanity trap encountered in the Arkona labyrinth nearly caused me to destroy my associates. It was tactical, precise, and had a high probability of success. It failed however, and I have yet to determine the root cause. My spells began to seemingly malfunction in favor of my associates.

Originally I pondered if my relationship was growing into something more, a kinship perhaps. The current theory however is that there is some sort of minor mental control that one of them has over me. My assumption is the Silent Female associate, but lately the Pusher Dwarf has been displaying an intelligence far beyond previously thought capable. Coincidence does not exist, and he must be watched in the future.

Question #3: Where can I create a new base of operations?

Simlumenjenko has destroyed my abode in Korvosa. Despite how easy it would be to rebuild it, I have grown tired of that locale. I attempted to create an improved domicile protected by the arcane in Herse by the river, but the legend of Beefclaw was more dangerous than I had calculated. The shell of Beefclaw was persecuted by the townsfolk out of fear and anger, despite being under complete control of my magics.

I cannot tolerate such actions, and need another location. After much consideration, and prodding from the orb, I am beginning to believe that the prime material plane of existence is not acceptable for my studies. Perhaps I can garner a favor from Headmaster Ornelos on the location of some particular magics to help me with this problem.

Question #4: Where am I?

The most pressing question at this time, is where am I? Given the events immediately prior, and the apparent theme of this world, my associates and I appear to have been drawn into the Harrow deck itself. Zellara does not appear to have any direct influence in this realm however, and all of the beings seem to have ties into the regicide of King Arabasti II. Each one has a piece of the story, and slowly we are unraveling the mystery surrounding his death.

Although I now know I was not directly responsible for his murder, I hope that one of these “Storykin” will unfold my true involvement. Unfortunately, it’s likely the pending dragon, and I must prepare for that encounter with great care.

Lumen's Theories - Session 14 - Ponderings

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