Lumen's Theories - Session 2 - Regicide for Dummies

Notes from the margins of Lumen’s spellbook in extremely small print. Much of it is smudged with ink stains

Step 1a: Return the Queen’s Broach via the front gate of the castle, anyone guilty of regicide would avoid the front gate. This should throw them off the trail immediately.
Step 1b: Distract the Queen with Gron’s charm. NOTE: DO NOT become distracted by Gron’s charm.
Step 1c: Kneel to prevent Queen from clear view of facial features – in case she was there when I killed the King.
Step 1d: When offered, accept reward but allow Dwarf to carry. Obvious shows of strength could link killing methods, assuming King died due to massive physical trauma as in previous murder of Merchant.

Step 2a: Infiltrate City Guard with criminal accomplices via political maneuvering and city influence
Step 2b: Once a ranking city official, blindly support the Queen in all things. Convince fellow criminals to do the same.
Step 2c: Build reputation by accomplishing various guard related tasks.

Step 13d: Overthrow criminal organization in violent clash to claim Pseudodragon Ally NOTE: Minimum One Year!
Step 13e: Instate Victor Grey as lead position in previously overthrown criminal organization

Step 284: Obtain magical beans
Step 285: Feed Pseudodragon magical beans
Step 285a (Optional): Bury Pseudodragon & Replace if necessary

Step 732ap: Shake off mind control and remember original plan
Step 732aq: Teleport 27.41 miles North on heading 942 NOTE: If accomplices still alive, bring them along

Step 1043g: Kill the Queen
Step 1043h: Burn Harrow Deck, the final witness

Step 1044a: Return to Acadamae and continue studies where interrupted on page 224, line 6
Step 1044b: Finish sandwich

There are a tremendous amount of margins in a Wizard’s spellbook.

Lumen's Theories - Session 2 - Regicide for Dummies

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