My Dearest

My Dearest Ileosa,

I hope my letter finds you well, I know it has only been a few days but you must miss me terribly. I have quit my job at the Posh and Turtle and joined a special task force for the guard per your request.

My associates and I have already brought down a vile group that was assassinating people and feeding those people to some pigs and then feeding those pigs to the poor. We then caught a noble’s underlings bringing them animals to feed to the poor and both groups were spouting nonsense about you.

We also took care of some local crime boss who was in control of some gambling dens on some boats. So when you are ready for an exciting night out among the criminal element tell me and we can visit the gambling boats as I now have some influential connections down there.

With Love,
Gron Saberfang
Warden of the West Docks
Champion of Korvosa

(Dictated but not read.)

My Dearest

Korvosa Reborn Cidwin JacksonL