My Dearest Ileosa,

We have done it. We have captured your late husbands murderer. We tracked her back to her lair on the third floor of a ramshackle building.

At first it seemed she was asleep on the floor but upon further notice that was just an illusion and she was escaping across rooftops. Members of my group sprang into action, Victor began pelting her with arrows and Lumen cast a spell to allow her to move incredibly fast. Solana vaulted and twisted her way across the rooftop and Hargrin barreled his way through obstacles.

Knowing there was no way for her to escape my comrades I turned around to look for evidence in her hideout. I was rewarded with some evidence of her having had contact with the late King. I met up with the rest of the group at our meeting point after they had turned her in. They handed her over to the guard and I brought my evidence in later.

I heard rumors of the late King having a half brother that was some kind of demon and that he was coming here to take over your Kingdom. Please be careful and I am here if you need anything.

Your Beloved,
Gron Saberfang
Warden of West Dock
Champion of Korvosa

(Dictated but not read.)


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